Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI)

Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI)

Our Vision:

That Irish design and craft is recognised and valued worldwide for its excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and marketing. 

What we do:

The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI), which is headquartered in Kilkenny, is the main champion of the design and craft industry in Ireland, fostering its growth and commercial strength, communicating its unique identity and stimulating quality design, innovation and competitiveness.

Our vision is that Irish design and craft is recognised and valued worldwide for its excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and marketing. Our mission is to promote and stimulate the creative and commercial potential of Irish design and craft and to work in collaboration with strategic partners in the ongoing development and growth of the sector. We provide a range of programmes, supports and services for designers and craftspeople, learners and teachers, retailers and gallerists, shoppers and collectors, media and partner organisations in order to raise the standard and profile of Irish design and craft. Our activities are funded by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation via Enterprise Ireland.

We currently have over 75 member organisations and over 2,800 registered clients. You can view the Public Directory of Craftspeople where you can search for registered makers (who have opted to be listed in the public craft directory). Our list of membership organisations includes design and craft Guilds, Associations, Networks and Societies (GANS). DCCoI's shareholders are represented by member organisations and institutions whose membership includes voting rights at our AGM.

Our top 3 high profile projects:

Irish Design 2015
Ambitious, wide-reaching and innovative, Irish Design 2015 (ID2015) is a year-long programme exploring, promoting and celebrating Irish Design in just about every form. Through our programme of events, we’ll work towards: Raising the profile of Irish design, at home and abroad. Increasing awareness of the value of design in all aspects of life. Building on the international reputation of Irish design. Encouraging links between local and global Irish designers. Showcasing the importance of design to success in business and as a driver of economic growth. Irish Design 2015 is part of the Irish Government’s Action Plan for Jobs. As part of this action plan, we aim to: Grow 1800+ new jobs in design. Create 200 new design companies. Support 300 SMEs to attend trade missions/shows. Stimulate a €10 million increase in exports. Reach an audience of 3 million. Encourage 50 SMEs to undertake design training. So far Irish Design 2015 run 502 national core and funded projects and events, 150 in Europe and 59 in the rest of the World with over 24.4 million audience for core events. Over 290 designers, studios and companies were showcased internationallly. 6300 designers, over 50 enterprises and 1600 business professionals have received design training.

Showcase, Ireland’s International
Creative Expo, Established by DCCoI 40 years ago, Showcase
is the country’s largest international trade fair, generating €18 million in sales orders over four days for over 430 of the country’s leading designers, manufacturers and craftspeople. Showcase is promoted internationally by Enterprise Ireland through its network of offices around the world and the 2014 show welcomed over 4,900 buyers from Ireland and 17 countries. This strategically important trade fair gives Irish SMEs the opportunity to meet with international buyers at a fraction of the cost of travelling to fairs abroad. For many businesses it is their only conduit into the international market. DCCoI works very closely with its partners in Showcase and Enterprise Ireland to ensure that the show continues to grow and attract buyers from Ireland and abroad.

Fuse Clinics
The FUSE Product Development Clinics provide advice and support to Design and Crafts Council of Ireland clients who have developed craft related products for consumer markets. Through the clinics DCCoI:
• Develops an accessible model of support that will identify specific challenges in relation to design, product development, market research, trend-forecasting, production and manufacturing, export markets, merchandising, branding and PR, retailer and media relations.
• Provides a forum for design mentors and invited experts to develop relationships and identify how their expertise can provide solutions and contribute to the development of client enterprises.
• Enables DCCoI to identify and provide practical support to high potential clients to assist them to develop craft and design enterprises of scale.
• Invests in follow-on targeted 1-2-1 mentoring. Clinics provide practical advice on product development to DCCoI clients for commercial markets and help to develop well designed commercial products for retail at appropriate price points. Programme assists client enterprises to identify gaps in the market and respond to market trends, learn tips on how to build media interest in your brand and leads to the development of medium - long-term programmes for Client enterprises. 143 DCCoI clients have availed of Fuse Clinics support in 2014.

Exhibition celebrating bespoke, extraordinary objects to open at the National Design & Craft Gallery
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Lasting Impressions, an exhibition of extraordinary objects, designed and crafted with integrity and ingenuity that will become the heirlooms of tomorrow, opened at the National Design & Craft Gallery in Kilkenny on Friday, 27th Ap