Our Vision:

POLI.design is a hinge between universities and business, between polytechnics and professional skills of people working with passion on the issues of the project and the promotion of design. On an operational level, is a flexible structure that brings together the research developed in the university with the demand of firms and the potential of individual practitioners.

POLI.design is a Consortium of Politecnico di Milano was founded in 1999 by Alberto Seassaro to boost the profession, research and creativity, providing new answers to a technological, productive and professional in constant evolution. Headquartered in Milan, unanimously recognized as the capital of design, Italian fashion and creativity. Is part of the Polytechnic, the first university in Italy to have actually affirmed the importance of industrial design at the university, inaugurated in 1993 the first undergraduate degree in Industrial Design.


What we do:

POLI.design, together with the Faculty of Design and the Department of Indigo (Department of Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion), is part of System Design at the Politecnico di Milano.  The value consists of the distinctive Polidesign skills. In addition to the resources of the Faculty of the Polytechnic, which integrate the component architecture to engineering, the Consortium has the ability to involve external stakeholders in a systematic way, creating unprecedented synergy between academia, the professions and the market.  POLI.design  focuses on three areas of excellence:  

Scientific and academic expertise represented by the Polytechnic; 
Professional practice and the working world, which coalesce around the figures and professional associations that represent them;
Enhancement of human resources, thanks to the involvement of experts and training staff.

Service design for public goods: designing for/with citizens and/with policy makers
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POLI.design explain how their Specializing Masters in Service Design explores service design through co-design and participatory processes.

Exhibition Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale
12/09/2017 to 29/09/2017

After Milan (IT), Belgrade (RS), Saint-Étienne (FR) and Ljubljana (SL), the Human Cities touring exhibition arrives at Helsinki (FI) on September 12 till September 29, 2017.

Call for designers - HOSTHINKING 2017 - 10 DESIGNER PER 100 PRODOTTI
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10 Designer per 100 Prodotti gives exhibitors the chance to develop their projects "live" at HOSTMilano 2017 this October.

Audi Flò: an autonomous driving sharing experience
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POLI.design and Volkswagen Group Design come together to offer a new public service for cities of the future.