Spanish Network of Design Associations (READ)

6ENAD, the Spanish Design Meeting
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In the current socio-economic context, innovation is fundamental for the well-being of people and the prosperity of our countries, and thus, it is up to the design sector to demonstrate its value in contributing to a sustainable and equitable innovatio

Design enters the Spanish Parliament
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On 12 January 2018 the Congress of Deputies (lower house of the Spanish Parliament), held a conference on the topic of “Spanish Design in the 21st Century: Challenges and Strategies” gathering more than 200 guests with the government to implement design policies in the context of a broad innovation strategy.

5th National Meeting of Design Associations (ENAD)
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The meeting addressed the current relationship between politics, economics and design, and built upon the experiences of the attendees. The focus was mainly Spanish design issues, but international design was also discussed.

Presenting READ – Spanish Network of Design Associations, the newest member from Spain
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READ is a Spanish non-profit entity with state-level activity and international projection, formed for the coordination and integration of the national community of designers.