Swiss Design Association (SDA)

Swiss Design Association (SDA)


Our Vision:

In the future, the sda will have a stronger external presence as a major partner and joint organizer of competitions such as the Design Preis Schweiz or the Dyson Swiss Student Award. In other words, we take the promotion of young designers seriously and intend to be involved in policy discussions on the training of future designers at all levels. In our exchanges with European and worldwide design umbrella organizations we have seen that elsewhere, design is supported and recognized by the State – as a cultural and also an economic endeavour. We want to help the profession achieve the same recognition in Switzerland.


What we do:

We provide our members with expert support. As a competent counterpart, we act as an intermediary between the interests of the profession, the economy and politics.

The members of the Swiss Design Association (sda) are not just industrial designers. Some of them work in the related fields of communication design, interior design, exhibition design, graphics, craftwork, and textile and fashion design. Together, they cultivate exchange in Switzerland’s largest association of active designers.

New board Swiss Design Association
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The newly elected board of the Swiss Design Association under president Dominic Sturm will emphasise the role design plays in innovation and for the economy as is shown with the new partnership with Swiss Innovation Forum.