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Design in the Circular Economy

Published in Position Papers
17 September 2015

BEDA BookJacketBEDA Position paper: Design and the Circular Economy
The European Union have revised the Circular Economy package; through this latest Position paper and related actions, BEDA can strengthen its position as the design authority at European Commission level.

BEDA has prepared a Position paper on Design and the Circular Economy, led by BCD (Barcelona Centre de Disseny). This paper falls within the revision of the Circular Economy package by the European Commission; it offers a great opportunity for BEDA to strengthen its role as design authority at European level by making relevant recommendations to the EC.

DesignPolicyMonitor 2015The SEE Design Policy Monitor 2015 draws on the experiences of SEE to examine future trends in design policies and programmes. The Monitor explores the state of play for design across Europe and makes a series of recommendations for governments.

Creating growth

Published in Other Publications
1 December 2014

CreatingGrowthMeasuring cultural and creative markets in the EU
A growing body of evidence shows that the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) are sources of growth and jobs, benefiting local communities, regions and states. This study aims to point out where these industries fit into the economy and society in Europe.

BEDA BookJacketIn the positioning paper, BEDA offers some proposals with the aim of supporting opportunity, enterprise and innovation in EU design IPR.

These include a respectful approach to intellectual property rights; the introduction of a uniform copyright law and copyright contract law within the legal structures of the Member States, thus ensuring fair remuneration and a stronger bargaining position for designers with regard to their intellectual property rights; informing and educating the general public - and more specifically commissioners and publishers - on the meaning and value of intellectual property and intellectual property rights; informing and educating designers on their bargaining position; starting a dialogue among stakeholders on fairer contracts and exchange of best practices; and starting a lobby to legally ensure the attribution of copy - and design rights for works made in commission to the designers.

BEDA BookJacketBEDA Vision on the Design Profession
Through its positioning papers, BEDA offers guidance to members in addressing changing demands on individual design practitioners, design firms and the design industry at large. Issues might include legislation and policy issues, competences and codes of professional conduct, business modelling and other management issues, and the need for continuous professional development.

BEDA’s Professional Working Group has now produced a paper stating its vision on the design profession; the accompanying dossier has been researched and written by design management professional Steinar Valade-Amland of Three Point Zero.

The BEDA Professional Design Practice Dossier attempts to draw the most precise picture of current issues relating to professional design practice in Europe and globally.

Creative Sprint

Published in Other Publications
8 April 2014

CreativeSprintCreative Sprint is a direct result of a "booksprint" - a collaborative approach to writing - organized as part of the project Creative Capital Conference (C2C), which was funded by the state of Brandenburg with resources from the European Social Fund.

Active by Design

Published in Other Publications
1 March 2014

ActiveByDesignThis guide is part of Design Council’s Active by Design campaign, and it looks at how the design of buildings and public spaces in cities and towns can lead to positive changes in our lifestyle and ultimately to greater levels of physical activity.

LeadingBusinessByDesignLeading Business by Design is Design Council’s qualitative research project that investigates the strategic use of design at senior levels in a sample of UK and global businesses.

Design Transitions Book

Published in Other Publications
2 December 2013

11 DesignTransitionsDesign Transitions book presented in Amsterdam and London
Discover where design practice is today – and where it will take us in the future. Design Transitions presents 42 unique and insightful stories about how design is changing around the world. Twelve countries are represented from the perspectives of three different communities: design agencies, organisations embedding design; and design academics.

ReducingViolenceReducing violence and aggression in A&E: Through a better experience
Many people become frustrated during their time in Accident and Emergency departments because of a lack of clear, effective information and guidance. This, combined with anxiety and pain, reduces people's tolerance levels and make them more likely to behave aggressively toward the staff. The Design Council partnered with the National Health Service to develop new systems that help reduce violence and aggression in A&E.

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