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Danish2020In recent years, developments in the use of design have blurred the boundaries between design and a range of related activities. Design has come to mean more than giving form; it has increasingly become a strategic element in innovation processes in private enterprises and public organisations.

BEDA ToolBox ImgThe BEDA Toolbox harnesses a wealth of knowledge and resources from amongst BEDA members. We offer several free templates and sample documents for use in your professional practice. The BEDA toolbox is extended and updated continuously.

The Toolbox is divided into several sections;

BEDA Policy Recommendations
This section contains documents, developed from BEDA board discussions, which serve as policy recommendations. They are intended to create consistency in how practitioners in the BEDA member states operate. These recommendations are available to everyone.
- Code of Conduct for Designers
- Policy on Free Pitching
- BEDA Competition Guidelines
- NACE Codes Fact Sheet

Guidelines and Templates
Documents in this section provide inspiration and serve as “checklists” when developing brief documents, planning and calculating projects, and preparing for communication between clients and suppliers of design services. The documents are designed to be equally useful for both parties, and are available to everyone.
- Agency Selection Guide
- Briefing Template
- Getting Started
- Pitch Brief
- Pitch Guide

Member-only content
Model contracts, agreements, and other samples are available exclusively to members of BEDA and their member organisations. Use your personal code to access the members only section of the website. If you do not remember your code, please contact the BEDA office.

Credits: As of October 2012, in addition to documents prepared by BEDA, the resources included in the BEDA Toolbox have been generously provided by Icograda, BNO - Association of Dutch Designers in the Netherlands and DBADesign Business Association in the UK. We welcome additional resources, which will be edited to match the format used in the BEDA Toolbox as well as to avoid direct references to national standards and legislation, currencies and other conditions. By submitting your organisation’s resources to BEDA, you accept the publication of the edited version of your document on the BEDA website, Disclaimer: Although all the documents have been drafted and edited with the utmost care, BEDA accepts no responsibility for harm or loss of any kind whatsoever that might arise from any defect in the content of any of the documents featured in the BEDA Toolbox or from its use.

3 SEE DesignPolicy12Design Policy Monitor measures design spend and activity across Europe
Design Wales / PDR, lead partner of the SEE Platform has published a report called the Design Policy Monitor that collates statistics on design performance in a number of EU countries.

The lack of statistical data on design in Europe is frequently cited as a barrier to design forming part of innovation policy.

SEEPlatformPublicationsThe SEE Platform is a network of 11 European partners engaging with national and regional governments to integrate design into innovation policies and innovation programmes.

Through new research, workshops for policy-makers and programme managers, case studies, policy recommendations and the Design Policy Monitor, SEE has built a bank of evidence to support public authorities in integrating design into their mainstream practice.

Building for Life 12

Published in Other Publications
1 January 2012

BuildingForLifeThe sign of a good place to live

Building for Life 12 is the industry standard for the design of new housing developments. Cabe at the Design Council firmly believes that housing should be attractive, functional and sustainable – this guide presents a model for how this can be achieved.

InnovationThe UK has a global reputation for Innovation and Research. Our knowledge base, whichincludes renowned universities and research institutes, is the most productive among the G8. We have a proud record of invention – from the creation of life-saving medicines to the development of the internet.

This Strategy builds on the UK’s recognised strengths, and sets out how we will work with business and the knowledge base to underpin private sector led growth.

The Myth of Multitasking

Published in Other Publications
22 September 2011

TheMythofMultitaskingThe Myth of Multitasking
Author Dave Crenshaw
This book confronts the popular idea that has come to define our hectic, work-a-day world. This simple yet powerful book shows clearly why multitasking is, in fact, a lie that wastes time and costs money. Far from being efficient, multitasking actually damages productivity and relationships at work and home. Every designer should read this.

ISBN: 978-0-470-37225-8

See 6The SEE project has recently launched SEE bulletin 6 and policy booklet 4, both seek to contribute to the growing interest in design policies and programmes across Europe and around the world. With the debate gathering pace, SEE continues to provide insight based on the shared experience of the 11 partners.

See 5SEE project launches its fifth Bulletin
February 2011

SEE is a network of 11 European partners exploring how to integrate design into regional and national innovation policies, co-financed by the ERDF / INTERREG IVC.

expert panel reportThis report “Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020: The Transformative Power of Service Innovation” is produced by the Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU, with assistance from the Secretariat to the Expert Panel. The Secretariat consists of staff from the Danish Technological Institute (DK), SPRU at the University of Sussex (UK) and eSTRAT (Lux).

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