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DesignIndustryResearchIn autumn 2009, the Design Council conducted its second comprehensive survey of the UK design industry. This survey covered 2,200 design businesses, including in-house design teams, design consultancies and freelance designers working across various design disciplines.

Best Practices

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1 January 2008

BestPracticesDesigners’ clients have their say

BNO, the Association of Dutch Designers, interviewed eight client companies to tell the story of their engagement with design and the benefit design brought to their businesses.

Design Denmark

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2 April 2007

designdenmarkWith this publication, “DesignDenmark,” the Government presents a white paper on the direction for design policy in Denmark. The publication sets out the Government’s vision for this policy and for the initiatives that will be implemented in the time ahead.

DesignScoreboardInitial indicators of international design capabilities.

This report presents findings from a study to develop an international design scoreboard. A framework for ranking nations has been created that considers design at a national level as a system comprising enabling conditions, inputs, outputs and outcomes.

NationalDesignPoliocyIndiaThe National Design Policy, India was formulated in 2007 by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the National Institute of Design (NID), and the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) with inputs from people involved with design from around the country.

European Design Report

Published in BEDA Publications
1 January 2006

EuropeanDesignReportIt is with pleasure that we present this first European Design Report of national facts and figures from 27 European countries. A total of 410,000 designers in Europe today generate an annual turnover of 35 billion euros. This represents 5.4 % of the added value of the EU Business Service Sector in 2002.


The data in The Business of Design is drawn from the Design Council’s 2005 Design Industry Research, commissioned with the DBA.

All worthwhile plans and projects need to be based on sound evidence. So, to underpin our future initiatives to strengthen the UK’s design industry we’ve undertaken this first comprehensive survey of the sector.

What’s emerged is the clearest picture yet of its strengths, its potential and its key challenges.

DesignIssuesinEuropeToday_CoverIt is the combination of artistry and usefulness that makes design the creative industry par excellence. As the future growth of the European economy depends increasingly on our strengths in creativity, innovation and ideas, areas in which Europe has a pre-eminent record of achievement, we have to find ways to maximise the potential of these skills in order to maintain international competitiveness and expand its position as a world leader.


The fifth event in BEDA’s communication series took place in Brussels on 12 June 2003.

These presentations and discussions began in November 2000 and since then, have taken place approximately every six months. Once again we are indebted to Forum Europe for allowing us to use its wonderful building in the Parc Léopold for the meeting to discuss the value of using design in support of regional growth and development across Europe.

StimulatingWealthandCreation_CoverBuilding on the success of our previous events in Brussels, the fourth meeting in the BEDA Communication Series examined the role of the creative industries in Europe.

The meeting sought to clarify their relevance to the European economies and highlight the leading role which design plays in shaping their development. This need to communicate the significance and breadth of design to the institutions of the EU has been the driving force behind all of the meetings in the BEDA Communication Series.

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