Active by Design

1 March 2014
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ActiveByDesignThis guide is part of Design Council’s Active by Design campaign, and it looks at how the design of buildings and public spaces in cities and towns can lead to positive changes in our lifestyle and ultimately to greater levels of physical activity.

The Design Council is championing Active by Design in the UK – a new programme that addresses one of the most serious health issues facing modern society: increasing levels of poor health and the development of certain chronic diseases, brought on by a combination of lack of physical activity and poor diet. The need for this is being seen in vastly increased levels of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and even, possibly, dementia.

The Active by Design initiative promotes the use of good design to encourage greater levels of daily physical activity and increase access to healthy and nutritious food. It is a response to an increasing health crisis caused by low levels of physical inactivity and poor diets that affects millions of people each year.

Published March 2014.

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