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1 December 2014
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CreatingGrowthMeasuring cultural and creative markets in the EU
A growing body of evidence shows that the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) are sources of growth and jobs, benefiting local communities, regions and states. This study aims to point out where these industries fit into the economy and society in Europe.

With an annual revenue of €535.9 billion and more than 7 million workers, the creative and cultural industries (CCIs) are today central to Europe’s economy and competitiveness.

The study summarizes and builds upon available information on the economic scale of the cultural and creative sectors at both national and European levels.

CCIs are one of the big employers in the EU, employing 3.3% of the EU’s working population. They are a powerhouse of economic growth in Europe; a way out of recession. With 7.1m jobs, CCIs in the EU are 5 times as large as the telecommunications industry.

The study, carried out under the guidance of EY (formerly Ernst & Young), has been a collective project, embracing the thoughts and contributions of GESAC (the European Grouping of Societies of Authors), and its partners. Published December 2014.

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