Creative Sprint

8 April 2014
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CreativeSprintCreative Sprint is a direct result of a "booksprint" - a collaborative approach to writing - organized as part of the project Creative Capital Conference (C2C), which was funded by the state of Brandenburg with resources from the European Social Fund.

The project involved participants from around Europe exchanging their experience on and investigating how innovative instruments could be used to develop the job market in cultural and creative industries in four European model regions. Over the course of the project, a range of measures aimed at promoting the cultural and creative industries as drivers of economic growth were analyzed. The approach was a practice-oriented discussion between experts, leading to new methods for supporting cultural and creative industries to be considered and developed by stakeholders involved in the process. Two methodological approaches were pursued – the barcamp and the booksprint – to put the innovative instruments that had been identified in research into a conceptual framework.

The barcamp resulted in extremely interesting discussions between the international participants regarding cultural and creative industry support measures as practiced today and as needed tomorrow . The graphic “minutes” that were drawn up at the barcamp are also used in this booksprint publication. Taking the discussions in the barcamp, and on the results of the academic research that had been done beforehand as a baseline, selected experts were invited to the booksprint – each one of them asked to elaborate on a specific theme. The chapter on design (chapter 4) was written by former BEDA board member Steinar Valade-Amland.

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