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2 January 2012
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3 SEE DesignPolicy12Design Policy Monitor measures design spend and activity across Europe
Design Wales / PDR, lead partner of the SEE Platform has published a report called the Design Policy Monitor that collates statistics on design performance in a number of EU countries.

The lack of statistical data on design in Europe is frequently cited as a barrier to design forming part of innovation policy.

As part of the Design Policy Monitor, the SEE partners have collated existing statistics from studies on design in their countries or regions. By collating existing statistics according to different themes, the SEE partners present an overview of the performance of their national or regional design systems.

The key findings reveal that in the UK, companies spend more on design than on R&D and in Denmark, Finland and the UK, more companies engage in design activities than innovation activities. However, governments favour R&D over design as a driver of innovation; in Denmark, Estonia, Finland and the UK, public expenditure on R&D promotion is on average 500 times greater than public expenditure on design promotion.

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