EU Service Innovation Report

1 February 2011
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expert panel reportThis report “Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020: The Transformative Power of Service Innovation” is produced by the Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU, with assistance from the Secretariat to the Expert Panel. The Secretariat consists of staff from the Danish Technological Institute (DK), SPRU at the University of Sussex (UK) and eSTRAT (Lux).

The question set by the Expert Panel is “what can service innovation and service firms themselves contribute to the concept of a smarter, sustainable, inclusive Europe, and what key policy measures might unleash the EU’s potential”? Our report seeks to answer that question.

The Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU consists of 20 innovation experts from 15 different countries across Europe. All the experts have a deep understanding of innovation policy development and particular expertise on innovation in services and industry. The Expert Panel includes policy makers, representatives of innovation agencies and other innovation support providers, industry representatives and representatives of relevant associations, interest organisations and academic scholars.

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