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Design Days 2016We asked BEDA members about their experience of the 6th edition of EU Design Days, held this September in Brussels.

We asked participants about the highlights of the EU Design Days event for their organisations:
Laure Capitani of Wallonie Bruxelles Design Mode said that she benefited from access to a range of agencies supporting design/innovation, to be able to exchange information, best practice, and points of view; this leads to growth of personal networks.

EDI_LogoEagerly awaited, last week the European Commission published the Action Plan for Design-Driven Innovation. Mr Antti Valle officially launched the action plan on Thursday 26th September at ERRIN Design Days 2013 in the Flemish Parliament, in which a number of BEDA members participated. This Commission staff working document is the culmination of significant efforts by BEDA and its members to enhance the strategic value of design within the EU innovation policy agenda. It represents a further step along the road to holistically integrating design into EU policies and funding programmes.


The BEDA members’ gathering on 25 and 26 September will take place in Brussels as part of the ERRIN Design Days 2013.

The programme includes a session on European funding for Creative and Cultural Industries with relevant parties on the 25th of September from 14:00 to 18:00 and attendance at the Design Days on the 26th 9:00 to 18:00, with a specific workshop for BEDA and ERRIN members in the afternoon.

Ludovico Monforte, Head of EU Brussels Office for the Lombardy region in Italy, said:

“It is increasingly important for the Creative and Cultural Industries sector to be involved in developing the economy for growth. The first session on the 25th will be about European policies, with officers from several Directorates of the European Commission attending.

This will be followed by two parallel sessions – one will consider how to more successfully include the CCI sector in regional strategies. This session will feature best practice examples of how regions are doing this.

The other session will be about how SMEs access private finance and Creative Europe, the new umbrella organisation for all EU cultural and media programmes.

This will be followed by a networking session considering European platforms for stakeholders – how are they working, and how can people get involved? This session is already near to capacity, with few places left. Those attending include public authorities, Chambers of Commerce, organisations promoting creativity and culture across Europe, and representatives of European institutions – the European Commission, the European parliament and other similar bodies.

BEDA members will be able to see how they can use opportunities provided by European institutions to boost design. It is also an excellent opportunity for benchmarking activity against others – comparing regional strategies, gathering new ideas, sharing best practice in order to leave with new ideas.”

Richard Tuffs, Director of ERRIN, said, “Following the successful 2012 edition of Design Days, the ERRIN regions are the driving force behind the 2013 EU Design Days in Brussels. This partnership of regions within ERRIN is the key to a successful event and this partnership approach also extends to other design networks, projects and agencies. This year, ERRIN is very pleased to invite the BEDA president Isabel Roig as one of our keynote speakers. The EU Design Days are all about bringing a diverse audience of public policy makers, development and innovation agencies, and designers together from across Europe. This year’s edition of the EU Design Days will be a one-day event covering the use of design in the public sector, the support for design from the public sector and integrating design in innovation policies. More information is available on the EU Design Days website, ”

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your place on the Members’ Gathering.

BEDA Members Gathering 2013

Published in Member News
25 September 2013

02_ERRINBEDA Members Gathering – 25th and 26th September 2013, Brussels

As part of the new cooperation opportunities with our colleagues at ERRIN, the Board are delighted to announce that the BEDA Members Gathering session will take place as part of ERRIN Design Days 2013 in Brussels. We see it as a great opportunity for ERRIN and BEDA members to work together.

The programme includes a session on European funding for Creative and Cultural Industries with relevant parties on the 25th of September from 14:00 to 18:00 and attendance at the Design Days on the 26th 9:00 to 18:00, with a specific Workshop for BEDA and ERRIN members in the afternoon. The proposal is to pair BEDA and ERRIN members together to conduct the mapping exercise and develop policy proposals. Effectively, BEDA members will be helping the ERRIN partners to understand how design can achieve regional competitiveness. The workshop starts at 14.30 for 1h30 in the afternoon of 26th September.

Workshop Information
Design is a dynamic force for innovation in both the private and public sectors. But how do Regions develop policies and programmes to support design as a driver of innovation and competitiveness? This workshop will enable public authorities and policy-makers to map their Regional Design System and develop a set of policy proposals and actions to strengthen the system. ERRIN members will work with members of the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) in understanding how to enhance the use of design in their Region. The workshop will be facilitated by Design Wales - leader of the SEE Platform, a network of 11 European partners examining the role of design in innovation policy, supported by the European Commission.

A detailed programme, venues and activities as well as hotel booking details, will be emailed soon to all BEDA members.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

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