Measuring Design Value

Measuring Design Value

Mission: Building on the legacy of €Design (EDII project), the Cluster is aimed at continuing influencing the EC / Eurostat and the OECD on the need of including design in the EU Innovation Statistics (as the CIS, Community Innovation Survey) beyond the consideration of its impact in aesthetics, but as the integrator of functional, emotional and social utilities. 

Cluster News and Events

Capturing the impact of “Design Europe 2021” on BEDA
Published In: News | 30/11/2017

The end of the project funded by the Creative Europe programme offers the opportunity to reflect on the impact achieved on BEDA, its members and...

BEDA Cluster Measuring Design - Report 2017
Published In: Documents |

The cluster led by BCD delivers its second report focusing on measuring design value as a key factor of successful innovation.

Guidelines for collecting and interpreting design data
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A proposal for a future Barcelona Manual on Design

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