Professional Designers Association

Who We Are

RRA LUR is an internationally renowned development agency, which enhances Ljubljana Urban Region’s competitiveness and increases the quality of life in the region through superb knowledge, innovative projects, products and services with high added value.

RRA LUR detects potentials in the region, as well as plans and co-creates its sustainable development.

What We Do

RRA LUR supports sustainable development of Ljubljana Urban Region (LUR) – the biggest and richest region in Slovenia. Together with 26 municipalities of the Central Slovenian Region and other stakeholders it provides developmental, educational, financial, entrepreneurial, environmental and social infrastructure needed for the region’s development. All RRA LUR’s activities are targeted at developing (innovative) services, products, and processes that improve the quality of citizens’ lives.

RRA LUR’s priority tasks include: strategic planning and implementation of projects (agency also provides information and offers advisory services regarding project preparation and implementation to its stakeholders), preparation and implementation of development programs (RRA LUR acts as coordinator), formation of development networks, and promotion of LUR nationally and internationally.

Active in promoting entrepreneurship (with a special emphasis on social innovation) and job creation, the agency also won national recognition for ‘Improving the Business Environment’ as part of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2014 for its Regional Creative Economy Centre (RCKE) – an office within RRA LUR that supports development of creative sectors.

Who do we serve?
25 municipalities of the Central Slovenian Region, creatives, entrepreneurs (with a special focus on young entrepreneurs and SMEs), education and research institutions, NGOs, citizens.

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