Design Promotion Institution

Who We Are

Wallonie Design is the Walloon (Belgium) reference organisation that facilitates the use of design to bring about innovations and anticipate changes in society, for the benefit of all. We promote design as a driving force for sustainable and economic development. Our objective is to increase the use of design and its methods within Walloon companies.

Further Information

Our mission

  • To facilitate the integration of design in Walloon companies, institutions and public authorities.
  • To encourage exchanges between schools and companies in order to improve the adequacy of training to the needs of the market and to the evolution of design professions.
  • To stimulate the reinforcement of designers’ skills.
  • To improve the design ecosystem in Wallonia and federate its actors.
  • To advise political decision-makers in order to make design a factor of growth and well-being.
  • To enhance the value of design and its professions and to promote them.
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