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BEDA Event

Wide Open Doors Dialogue: Intellectual Property Rights


17:00 - 18:30 CET


Topic: Intellectual Property Rights (with EUIPO)
Chair: Anna Kohut-Jankó, Hungarian Design Council/ BEDA Board

This ODD session is planned as a Wide Open Doors Dialogue (open to the public), in collaboration with EUIPO – the European Union Intellectual Property Organisation.

BEDA is in close cooperation with EUIPO, taking part in their regular User Groups Meetings – thanks to Iiris Adenius, legal advisor of ORNAMO. Now we seek to widen the collaboration, foster a vital dialogue and explore the interests and needs of BEDA members as well as the designers represented by them. We have the opportunity to engage in a direct dialogue with the representatives of EUIPO, learn about the opportunities and support programmes the EUIPO is offering for SMEs, and the accessible tools related to IP awareness raising.


  1. Introduction to the EUIPO
    Designs protection (UCD and RCD)
    RCD registration process, and promotional materials – same presentation delivered to EFIC
    Feedback from BEDA members (i.e.: Questionnaire)
    by Miguel Gusmao, Eamonn Kelly, and Alfonso Cid
  2. Statistics
    by Eamonn Kelly
  3. DesignsEuropa Awards
    by Marta Lewenstein
  4. SME Fund
    by Elisavet Karagiampi
  5. Women in IP
    by Mary Desmond

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the event. Feel free to share it and invite your friends.

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