The Bureau of European Design Associations

Union des Associations Internationales Org ID: BE 0844.127.553
BEDA is a Non-Profit Organisation, registered in Brussels, Belgium

Executive Board Members

President: Christina Melander
Vice-President: Mark Illi
BEDA Secretary: Martin Fössleitner
BEDA Treasurer: Piotr Swiatek

BEDA Office

Project Manager: Anna Stark
Communication: Ēvija Kraukle

Editorial and Website Support: BEDA Communication Team

Concept, Design and Programming

Concept, Design: Kasia Suchecka
Programming: Robin Benad

Special thanks to:

Robin Benad, for the great support and thoughtfulness
Kasia Suchecka, for thinking beyond the tellerrand
Anna Stark, for the detailed accuracy
Ēvija Kraukle, for never losing her temper
Regina Hanke, for supporting the set up of the website with her experience
And to all the great Board Members, which were contributing.

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