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Matúš Buranovský | Transmodernity



Transmodernity (in Vienna)


The main idea of the exhibition Transmodernity consists in the connection of the past and the present with a reference to the future. The term “transmodernity” was used by the Spanish feminist and philosopher Mária Magda Rodriguez in the 1980s as a new social shift and the starting point of the transmodern era. Transmodernity in design likewise fulfils the aims set above, when the artist-designer reacts to social changes over time. In Slovakia, a major milestone was reached in the 1990s, when designers had to cope with completely new social, economic and political conditions and opportunities for use in practice. From a global viewpoint, the burning question of the economic and climate crisis and, no less important, the global COVID-19 pandemic of the last three years, has affected design work in the 21st century.

A curated selection reflecting the symbolic 30 years of Slovak design through selected works of product and communication design from the collections of the Slovak Museum of Design and from the approached authors.

The exhibition concept includes the “forever” font by Ester Mládeková and the visual processing of the exhibition by graphic designer Matúš Buranovský, with an architectural solution from designer and jewellery-maker Andrea Ďurianová.

The project was implemented by the Slovak Design Center and the Slovak Design Museum, under the auspices of the Slovak Ministry of Culture and with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in cooperation with the Slovak Institute in Paris, Kolektiv Cité Radieuse Unité d’Habitation Le Corbusier, Marseille and the Slovak Institute in Vienna.

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