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Zoltán Salamon found his professional path in graphic design after graduating with a degree in architecture. He was creatively active in various fields – cultural posters, typography and the graphic design of books and magazines, illustration, exhibition industry and exhibition catalogues, brands, logotypes, and the design of packages for products.

Curators: Sandra Salamonová, Slovenské centrum dizajnu, Salamon Art, Palo Choma

Zoltán Salamon’s career in graphic design took him to assignments for children, where as art editor for the children’s magazines Zornička and Včielka he strived to get as close as possible to the creative expression of children in his illustrations. He created collages made of gently torn coloured paper and complemented them with simple line drawings. He also gradually began to cooperate with the Tatran, Slovenský spisovateľ, Obzor, Smena, Veda and Madách publishing houses. His book covers are characterized by the inclusion of human figures and geometrical space in which he placed specific motifs. He also frequently employed text passages and short annotations which he broke down into text blocks directly on the cover along with the illustration. He also designed exhibition posters for important institutions and events such as the Slovak National Gallery, the Bratislava City Gallery, the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, the Sculpture of Piešťany Parks and the Slovak National Exhibition of Applied Arts. In his posters, he frequently used many illustration elements and motifs on a neutral background with the accent of basic colours. He was also involved with the exhibition industry where he made use of his experience from architecture; his regular New Year cards are also worthy of special attention. He frequently used human figures as a central motif, first in the form of collages made of coloured paper; through his own portrait and those of his friends and family members he arrived at an anonymous figure and only later created a silhouette of the figure or a standard jumping male figure, always in a different context. He also created invitation cards, brochures, logotypes and food labels, all with distinctive designs.

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