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This year’s Tallinn Design Festival conference will feature discussions on the rapid development and deployment of AI.

Among other things, the conference discussions will predict the impact of AI on the design sector, weigh up the pros and cons, and offer practical advice. Society is expected to gradually embrace the changes, which will also be reflected in the economy and everyday life. Where will designers stand and how will they embrace the new era?

Do the new times call for innovative designers? What is Design 4.0? Can designers compete with artificial intelligence? Are designers at risk of unemployment? Can digital culture also help reduce our environmental footprint?

These and many other questions will be answered by Estonian and international experts.

Surya Vanka, a keynote speaker with Microsoft experience from the Industrial Designers Society of America, will show that designers can play a key role in shaping AI for the future, which complements rather than replaces human capabilities. Carlo Branzaglia from the University of Bologna will talk about how to avoid stereotypes when using AI. Darren Yeo, a design innovator from Singapore, explains why designers need to adapt to new changes and gives practical examples of how to get started.

Clothing designer Xenia Joost explores how cutting-edge technology merges with sustainable practices, leading to creative and environmentally conscious solutions that shape the future of fashion. Interdisciplinary designer Haeun Kim will present different models of collaboration between AI and designers and discuss the opportunities and challenges of creative people. Gothenburg-based designer Hugo Jonasson covers the subject and impact of utilizing artificial intelligence tools for image generation in the process of industrial design. Jaan Aru, Professor at the University of Tartu, discusses whether AI is more creative than human intelligence and the impact of AI on children and the education system.


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