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esad—idea + esad matosinhos | Porto Design Biennale 2023



Porto Design Biennale

Porto Design Biennale is an event that has been fostering debate, welcoming concerns and multiple perspectives, as well as stimulating interest in design, driving new discourses and practices that increase the discipline’s prospective capacity to outline innovative solutions to collective problems.

This great event, promoted in collaboration between two municipalities (Porto and Matosinhos), seeks to be a platform for dialogue between civil society, academia, industry, national and international institutions, and cultural agents.

The third edition, planned for 2023, promises to remain instigating and challenging, bringing together national and international voices around themes as current as they are ancient and original (in the double sense of the word). Is there a more original and indispensable element to life than Water? This Biennale will be based on this natural material.

Check out the vast programme of workshops, exhibitions, conferences, talks and performances on the website of the Porto Design Biennale.

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