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Louis Lucien Lepoix "By City Bus to the Wind Turbine"

The rediscovery of the French Industrial designer Louis Lucien Lepoix in Austria.

The exhibition “Louis Lucien Lepoix, From the City Bus to the Wind Turbine” is an introduction, a first acquaintance with the designer Lepoix – hereafter referred to as L3 – and his extensive work. A subset, a facsimile, of products, techniques, and models typical for L3, and especially his visions as a designer who engaged early with universal design and alternative energy generation. The exhibition – with seven thematic focuses – is being shown at the designforum Vienna by designaustria and will tour Germany, France, and Asia in the coming years.

L3 was a French engineer and shape designer.
Training at the Ecole des Beaux Arts Lyon and distance learning as an aircraft engineer. Already in 1936/1937 at the Institut Ampère, Lyon. From 1945 he lived in Germany.
He designed over 3,000 product designs – among other things, Puch Maxi, Steyr truck, tractors and city bus, Bugatti, the forearm support and the BIC lighter.

Louis Lucien Lepoix was one of the most productive industrial designers in the second half of the 20th century.

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