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Flanders DC | Ready for the EU textile strategy?

The EU Textile Strategy launched in 2022 will have a major impact on fashion companies. Therefore Flanders DC is organising a ‘deep-dive’ to help fashion companies prepare for the anticipated changes. On Thursday 25 January: in one day you get a view of what Flanders DC already knows in the meantime and how you can prepare as a fashion company.

In March 2022, the European Commission published its long-awaited strategy for sustainable and circular textiles. In addition, the guidelines were set out for the measures with which Europe wants to reduce the heavy environmental and social impact of the entire textile value chain. This strategy is not legislation: the broad outlines still must then be translated into European Directives and Regulations.

Almost two years after the launch of this strategy, Flanders DC wants to take a stand. Several experts will explain what is already clear in their field, and help you translate that knowledge into concrete actions to prepare your company for the upcoming transitions.

For whom?

This event is intended for both emerging and experienced fashion designers, entrepreneurs and companies in the fashion sector. Flanders DC sets a minimum requirement of three years of active experience.

Key speaking points:

  • The forest through the trees: general overview of the upcoming EU initiatives. How to deal with sustainability claims and avoid greenwashing?
  • New EU rules against greenwashing
  • Sustainability reporting: obligation and/or opportunity?
  • Extensive Producer Responsibility (UPV) for textiles: what do we already know? A former ban on the destruction of overstock
  • Impact of the UPV on your business(s): experience from other sectors
  • Digital Product Passport (DPP) for clothing: what do we already know?
  • How to follow up on sustainable purchases and due diligence under the new legislation on chain duty of care (CSDDD)?

Participation Fees: A ticket costs 120 euros (excl. VAT) and includes lunch, the network drink and a Flanders DC annual magazine (worth 10 euros). For members of co-organizer Creamoda there is a 20% discount.

More information and registration are in the link on top of the page.

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