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Wide Open Doors Dialogue


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Wide Open Door Dialogue: Are Designers Superheroes?


17:00 - 19:00 CET


Supporting the Future of Design Professionals

Join us in this public event to learn what new perspectives of design our members are exploring and what might be the future of design professionals. This BEDA Wide Open Door Dialogue (WODD) session raises a significant question: Are designers superheroes? This rhetorical question implies that designers play a crucial role in addressing current and future challenges related to sustainability and inclusivity.

During this online WODD, we plan a diverse programme including a series of short talks from BEDA members and their members. This will be followed by a discussion on this big question.

Speakers and Topics

  • Collaboration for Future
    Speaker: Kornelia Dimitrova, Foundation We Are, Eindhoven
    Foundation We Are is a cultural organisation that researches and facilitates unexpected collaborations between the creative sector and experts on societal challenges. They develop methods, experiments, systems, or other creative outcomes that can address current climate challenges. During WODD the We Are will talk about their objectives, the process, planning and the challenges that designers have to deal with when working within governmental systems.
  • Service Design and Digitalization of Services for Tourism Companies
    Speaker: Tiia Vihand, Estonian Design Centre (EDC)
    The innovative masterclass by EDC used service design and digitalization of services to develop better user-centred services and to increase the export and innovation capacity of companies and the attractiveness of tourism services in foreign markets. EDC will share their experience on how they used design as a tool to develop business processes in companies, what skills designers require to do that, and how to increase the number of designers capable of mentoring companies.
  • Pact for Skills for Cultural and Creative Industries a tool to become superheroes
    Speaker: Isabelle Verilhac, BEDA Past President
    As one of the co-leaders of the Large-scale Skills Partnership (LSP), Isabelle is closely involved in the Pact for Skills for Cultural and Creative Industries. Isabelle will give us an insight into current and upcoming opportunities of how designers can use the Pact for Skills to address their challenges and become the precursors of sustainability and inclusivity.
  • Take the stage
    One attendee gets the opportunity to talk about a relevant case showcasing their experiences, addressing challenges, discussing obstacles and/or successes. An open invite will be announced during the event to all participants. BEDA will decide who will be the chosen speaker.

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Why should you join?

  • To explore designers’ impact: we will delve into the significant role of designers in tackling sustainability and inclusivity challenges, reflecting on their influence in the modern world.
  • To gain diverse insights: The range of speakers offers varied perspectives and insights into current issues and methodologies in design.
  • For collaboration opportunities: Topics include collaboration in the creative sector showcasing how designers can work effectively in cross-disciplinary teams. In addition, you might find out about other professionals and organisations in the design industry, fostering connections that can lead to future collaborations and opportunities.


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