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Typowalk Through Nuremberg: Perspectives by Design - Typography and Space

Like hardly any other design element, typography reflects the diversity and heterogeneity of a city. Typography in urban spaces is a multifaceted design element that shapes and reflects the identity, culture, and navigation of cities, created by a diverse range of individuals from professionals to amateurs.

At the Typowalk as part of “Perspectives by Design: Typography and Space”, font designer Mona Franz and government builder Rebecca Pröbster lead through Nuremberg and analyze fonts in the city with regard to their design. Whether floor writing, vehicle lettering, facade lettering, graffiti, information board, license plate, guidance system, brand logo, poster, shop window, street sign, traffic sign, warm note or advertisement. Everything is labelled in the urban space.

The Typowalk is not only aimed at those interested in design but also at all those who are involved in the design system font and city: retailers, brands, administrations, and passers-by.

The group of participants is limited to 15 people. The meeting point is at the entrance of the New Museum Nuremberg.


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