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Estonian Design Day

Under the slogan “Notice Estonian designers”, the Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) invite everyone to look around with a more curious eye to discover the creations of Estonian designers. EAD invites visitors to the studio with the setup of a particularly exciting garage sale of designers in the Solaris Centre, where to discover thematic exhibitions in museums and notice domestic authors of high-quality products.

Can you find Estonian designer products and graphic solutions around you, or can you highlight some well-designed services?


  • 19.02 Opening of the exhibition “Second Chance” (Solaris centre).
  • 20.02 Designers’ Outing.
  • 21.02 at 16-17.00 Design Center’s Design Snack: Presentation of the EDK design field mapping, participation – free.
  • 21.02 at 17.30 Meet the Designer Jaanus Orgusaar (in Põhjala Tehase), participation – free.
  • 22.02 at 12-18.00 Designers’ Garage Sale (Solaris centre).
  • 23.02 Congratulations, Estonian Design
    At 15:00, the announcement and celebration of the graphic design winner of the Tallinn Design Night Festival at the Estonian Designers’ Union (Ankru).

The Estonian Association of Designers in cooperation with the Disainiöö festival has declared Estonian Design Day ahead of the anniversary of our republic to pay special attention to the local design sector and highlight worthy creations here. Estonian Design Day was celebrated for the first time on February 23, 2016, in the gallery of the Estonian Design House at Kalasadama 8.

EDP project manager is Piret Mägi

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