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Leading People


11:30 - 13:00 CET


Create and sustain a culture of high performance that your team will want to follow at this inspirational 90-minute workshop with Anne-Marie Gough.

As a leader, you are called upon to marry up the needs of your people with the needs of your business, and success demands that you get this equation right. When you are at the helm, the way you lead your people has a big impact on the individuals within your team, and you’ll no doubt feel that responsibility keenly. Leading people means you have the opportunity to convey your identity, distinctiveness and the values you bring, harnessing your unique qualities to build a strong culture that is founded on trust, open communications and meaningful conversations.

This workshop covers:

  • The bedrock of trust
  • What is high performance?
  • Your leadership style
  • Building a coaching culture
  • Maintaining motivation
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