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Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery and novelty with the Upmade in Estonia exhibition in NYC? Step into a world where sustainability meets creativity, and witness the groundbreaking designs of 45 Estonian designers making their debut in the Big Apple. From furniture made from mushrooms to tableware crafted from cigarette butts, prepare to be amazed by the ingenuity and eco-consciousness of these visionary creators.

Nestled in the heart of Northern Europe, Estonia has emerged as a powerhouse in the global design and digital innovation scene. Join us at Upmade in Estonia to learn how the of traditional core of minimalist philosophies of Estonian design became the cutting edge of sustainability and digital innovation.

This exclusive event is taking place for the first time in New York City, with top design leaders from Estonia in attendance who will share and discuss the roots of Estonian Design, its unique aesthetics, and its contemporary successes. You will find out why this tiny country is now recognized as having the “most unicorns per capita in Europe” and “the most start-ups per capita in Europe,” and how it became the world’s first 100% digitally transformed society. You will hear the backstory of the startup culture where products like Skype were born, and how Estonia became the world leader in digital governance, its innovative e-Residency program, and how this is revolutionizing the creative and entrepreneurial landscape.

UPMADE in Estonia Events:

• May 13 (Mon): Workshop on “Upmade System and Digital Product Passport” by Reet Aus PhD at Pratt Institute at 11 AM.

• May 17 (Fri): Official opening with Design Talks with Reet Aus, Ilona Gurjanova, Siim Karro, Xenia Joost and e-Residency at Lafayette Gallery. Moderator: Surya Vanka.

• May 19 A leather workshop “Sip and Stitch” at Anthony Luciano’s Studio at 5 PM.

• May 21 (Tue): Screening of Reet Aus Documentary “Out of Fashion” at Scandinavia House at 7 PM.

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