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Winning Pitches


11:30 - 13:00 CET


Get the inside thinking on pitching best practice in this two session online workshop and apply the techniques straight away with Jonathan Kirk.

Up to the Light’s ‘What Clients Think’ report reveals that 99% of clients believe that a pitch is good business practice for high-value projects. Being excellent at pitching, therefore, has become vital to agency growth and success. With the insights and learnings from years of conducting post-pitch interviews with clients, Up to the Light’s founder, DBA Expert Jonathan Kirk, will explore how you can increase your chances of success by understanding the client’s motivations and expectations, developing your own processes and structuring the right argument.

This workshop covers:

  • Understanding changing client expectations
  • The 10 key stages of pitching
  • Getting your internal pitch process right
  • Mastering the remote pitch
  • Seeing the client’s perspective
  • Structuring your argument and raising audience engagement
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