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DBA Webinar: The Human Side of Innovation with Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo

Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo will be in conversation with Deborah Dawton, Chief Executive at the DBA at the next DBA webinar, exploring the human side of innovation.

Designers have a unique ability to identify unmet needs, anticipate future trends, and develop innovative solutions that address them. But how do you create an environment where innovation can thrive? What characteristics do you need in a team that works effectively together? How can you expand your horizons beyond just your own discipline, and work with your peers across business functions and design disciplines to achieve more together than you ever could apart?

Mauro Porcini is PepsiCo’s first-ever Chief Design Officer. He joined the food and beverage corporation in 2012 and is infusing design thinking into PepsiCo’s culture, leading a new approach to innovation by design that impacts the company’s product platforms and brands.

‘The Human Side of Innovation’ is taking place online on Thursday 23 May, 15:00-16:00 BST. Open to all and free to attend, book your place via the link above.

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