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Lithuanian Design Week’24, taking place from 3 to 9 June, marks its 19th edition as the premier event unifying the Lithuanian design community across cities like Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda. Centred around the theme of Change, the festival aims to inspire positive responses and technological solutions within the design industry, emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and practicality through a diverse range of activities, including product presentations, exhibitions, and tours, uniting designers, design enthusiasts, and newcomers alike.

3-9 June Lithuanian Design Week’24 will take place in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Alytus, Telšiai and Anykščiai. It is the most important event bringing together the entire Lithuanian design community and the design industry. The festival includes product presentations, excursions, exhibitions, product launches, tours, and many more exciting activities for designers and companies working in various fields! Each year, Design Week includes fashion, furniture, ceramics, interior design, graphic design, music, architecture and other design events for designers, design lovers and newcomers alike.

The theme of this year’s Design Week is Change. With the importance of promoting sustainable consumption and addressing the global challenges of an unstable world and everyday life now more than ever, the organisers are calling for positive responses and technological solutions, creating practical products, saving energy and using durable and recyclable materials.

Design Week is organised by the Lithuanian Design Forum. The festival is partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, information partner – LRT.

We invite all those who are open to design to join a common, encouraging wave of optimism!


Registration for the festival is open until 1 May (link on the top of the page).

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