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ISPIM | ISPIM Innovation Conference "Local Innovation Ecosystems for Global Impact" 2024



ISPIM Innovation Conference 2024 "Local Innovation Ecosystems for Global Impact"

The 2024 ISPIM Innovation Conference, “Local Innovation Ecosystems for Global Impact” takes place in Tallinn, Estonia from 9-12 June 2024. Estonian Design Centre is one of the partners of ISPIM.

The conference is a three-day event that brings together world-renowned experts on innovation management. Researchers, managers, business and thought leaders will share insights on innovation management hot topics. This year Estonian Design Centre is also looking for design-related topics to make design as an enabler of innovation more visible.

Estonian Design Centre invites designers/design organizations to take part in the innovation conference programme and to make submissions by 2 February 2024.

The programme is expected to bring examples and insights into successful innovation practices, challenges or research from all regions of the world. We hope to have as many good design examples and practices as possible represented in the programme.

You are invited to share insights on the following topics or other challenges and to demonstrate approaches, solutions, and best practices:

Local Focus Themes:

  • Ageing and Innovation
  • Baltic and Nordic Innovation Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity, Social and Technological Resilience
  • Data-driven Decision Making
  • Design and Design Thinking for Innovation
  • E-Governance and Digital Society
  • Innovation Policy and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Smart Cities and Urban Innovation
  • Social, Technical and Regulatory Testbeds for Innovation

General Themes:

  • AI and Innovation (including Big Data)
  • Business Models
  • Circular Innovation (SIG)
  • Creativity in Innovation
  • Digital Disruption & Transformation & Platforms (SIG)*
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Start-Ups & SMEs
  • Futures & Foresight (SIG)*
  • Gender & Innovation Management
  • Health, Healthcare & Innovation Management (SIG)*
  • Innovation for Fintech
  • Innovation Leadership & Organisational Culture (SIG)*
  • Innovation Management Systems, Standards & Certification (SIG)*
  • Innovation Policies & Public Instruments
  • Innovation Training, Teaching & Coaching (SIG)*
  • Knowledge & Technology Transfer for Innovation
  • Living Labs (SIG)*
  • Methods & Skills for Innovation Management Research
  • Open Innovation
  • Platforms, Ecosystems and Supply Chains
  • Responsible Innovation (SIG)*
  • Values-based & Sustainability-Oriented Innovation Management (SIG)*

Tallinn’s innovation scene is a dynamic blend of historical charm and forward-looking creativity. Known as the birthplace of Skype and a trailblazer in e-governance, the city fosters a thriving ecosystem that nurtures start-ups, tech giants like Wise and the smart city of Ülemiste City.

Supported by favourable policies, robust infrastructure, and education, Tallinn fuels a continuous cycle of cutting-edge ideas. From fintech to AI, the city boasts a diverse range of innovation sectors. Its innovation ecosystem is a fertile ground for innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers, with companies like Bolt and Skeleton Technologies making their mark.

Tallinn’s unique blend of history, culture, and technology creates an environment where innovation flourishes, contributing to its global impact and reputation as a hub for dynamic creativity.

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