Professional Designers Association

Who We Are

For over 75 years, AIAP has brought together visual communication professionals in Italy, promoting and supporting the profession and the culture of graphic design and visual communication. The role of AIAP is to enhance and better define the contemporary communication designer’s field of action, responsibility, and skills.

What We Do

It was established in 1945 with the name of ATAP; in 1955, it became AIAP (Italian Association of Advertising Artists), marking its will to be designated as the first national association to promote graphic and visual culture. Following various changes, in 2011, the Association’s name was finally changed to the actual Italian association of visual communication design.
To achieve its aims and goals, AIAP is active in several areas like organizing events (e.g. the International Graphic Design Week named Design Per), workshops, conferences and exhibitions, and consulting public administrations and companies in organizing contests.
The Association publishes the magazine “Progetto Grafico” – the unique graphic and visual design magazine in Italy (both in Italian and English) —books and catalogues, and since 2012 promotes the AIAP Women in Design Award (AWDA).
In 2009 the Graphic Design Documentation Centre (AIAP CDPG) was established to collect a historical archive and enhance research in that field.
AIAP was one of the founding associations of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations, now Ico-D) in 1963.

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