Who We Are

Set up in 1944 by Churchill’s war cabinet to support Britain’s economic recovery after World War II, the Council of Industrial Design, as we were then known, had the founding purpose of promoting ‘by all practical means the improvement of design in the products of British industry’.

What We Do

Over years later, our work has evolved and we announced in Autumn 2021 a strategic shift to Design for Planet to achieve a sustainable, climate-first future. The shift in focus recognises the fundamental need for us all to redesign our lives to save our planet, and champions the power and responsibility of designers to shape a better world.

Through Design for Planet, Design Council will rally designers to bring about the societal shifts needed to accelerate the government’s transition to net zero and ensure the planet will thrive for future generations. The organisation will give a platform to visionaries from the sector who are leading the way in sustainability, and support others in the industry to imagine a better world, create the resources for it and catalyse change.

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