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Who We Are

The Deutscher Designtag e.V. (DT) is the umbrella association of national professional associations as well as institutions of design in Germany. It operates at the interface between design, politics and economics.

The DT, Germany’s leading organization in the design sector, represents 25 member organizations. The DT represents 360,000 designers and 60,000 design companies in Germany with a turnover of around 20 billion Euros to the government and administration of the Federal Government, the Federal States and the European Union in all general design policy matters.

What We Do

The DT advocates the design profession interests in political authorities, for example in the Deutscher Kulturrat (DKR), the umbrella association of the federal cultural associations in Germany and in this sense in der Koalition Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft in Deutschland (k3d) sowie gegenüber der Initiative Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes. It promotes an understanding of design and stands for the value that design contributes to the development of companies, organizations, society and culture.

As an »enzyme for innovation« (Paola Antonelli), the design industry is one of the most agile and dynamic industries in Germany with disproportionately high rates of growth and a high degree of digitalization. According to the monitoring report of the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz, it is one of the most successful sub-sectors of the cultural and creative industries, which now ranks third in gross value-added in Germany, after the automotive industry and the mechanical engineering.

As an umbrella organization the Deutscher Designtag e.V. (DT) is largely characterized by voluntary work based on the honorary commitment of its delegates and other volunteers sent by its member organizations. In clear demarcation to the strategies and activities of its member organizations, the DT addresses superordinate political issues that benefit from a joint representation by an umbrella organization towards society, culture, economy and politics.


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