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Who We Are

The Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation lists among its priority activities the organisation of professional seminars, symposia, workshops and exhibitions, the management and implementation of project proposals, publishing, and contribution to the creation of historical and contemporary collections of design. Established in 1992, the Foundation has aimed at the support and promotion of artists and art collectives in their efforts to shape the visual environment and to promote the cultural design heritage of Hungary.

In addressing the challenges and objectives of the Foundation, president Dr. Ferenc Sebestény claims: „Design has ceased to be the private affair of a privileged few and has turned into an open and accessible attitude offering and engaging everyone in active participation, content creation, and in defining global development trends. Considering the future-shaping power of design, it is inevitable for concerned design professionals to encourage increased communication with the society and decision-makers, and to seek for greater inclusion in the discussion of short and long-term strategic issues.”

What We Do

Since 2005, the Foundation has been the main organizer of the annual Zsennye International Design Workshop, the most prominent forum of Hungarian and international design theory and practice. Products and achievements of the workshops have been recurring subject to exhibitions and symposia at the annual Budapest Design Week. In the frame of 2018 Budapest Design Week, the Foundation organised the international design conference „JÖVŐ MOST / FUTURE NOW” in Pesti Vigadó, with the participation of more than 150 design professionals. A series of exhibitions organised in 2020-2021 and made available as an online collection has fostered the introduction and dialogue among leading and debutant designers. In recognition of its efforts, the Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation was presented with the HIPO Millennium Award in 2021.

International presence:
As a member of BEDA since 2019, the Foundation has contributed to the New European Bauhaus movement with the organisation of exhibitions, workshops and seminars. These programs have been carried out in collaboration with partners including the Hungarian Design Council as well as leading academic institutions of design.

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