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Towards a New Bauhaus' – The Exhibition of the Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation

– text / Ferenc SEBESTÉNY

The most recent exhibition of the Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation titled ‘Towards a New Bauhaus’ launched on november 26th, 2021 in the art gallery of FISE (Studio of Young Designers Association at 16 Kálmán Imre utca, District V., Budapest). The opening was followed by a roundtable seminar with the participation of the creators of the exhibition and invited guest speakers, sharing their viewpoints on the potentials of Hungarian engagement in the New European Bauhaus movement (NEB), and presenting and discussing professional and academic projects and events which comply with the objectives and principles of NEB. Our Foundation, a member of The Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) has taken an active role in the EU-initiated movement. The coordination of Hungarian participants and the harmonisation of their activities to the European process has been facilitated by the Hungarian Design Council (MFT). Showcasing works of textile, metal (jewelry), glass and ceramic art by Hungarian industrial artists, the exhibition and the subsequent roundtable seminar mark our place and contribution to the theoretic and creative processes of NEB. The exhibition was opened by the president of the Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation and curator of the event, Dr. Ferenc SEBESTÉNY, while art historian Dr. József SLÉZIA served as invited expert.
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The participants of the round table discussion were:

Prof. Dr. Bálint BACHMANN architect
Rector, university professor, Budapest Metropolitan University
Member, Hungarian Design Council

Project manager, Hungarian Design Council
Board member, BEDA

Dr. Daniella KOÓS designer
Senior lecturer, Széchenyi István University, Győr

Dr. Róbert MASCHER DLA designer
President, Studio of Young Designers Association FISE – SYDA

Dr. Ferenc SEBESTÉNY architect
Deputy head, Department of Graphics, Form and Design, BME
President, Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation

Prof. Dr. József SLÉZIA art historian
University professor, Budapest Metropolitan University
Board member, Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation

Sponsors of the exhibition:
Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA)
Studio of Young Designers Association (FISE)

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