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DesignEuropa Awards, EUIPO | DesignEuropa Awards 2024 Jury

BEDA in DesignEuropa Awards 2024 Jury

The DesignEuropa Awards, now in their fifth edition, are organised by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to give recognition to products and designers in the field of industrial design.

The awards pay tribute to designs that are protected as registered Community designs. Managed by the EUIPO, the registered Community design is an intellectual property right that grants exclusive protection to the appearance of a product throughout all EU Member States.

BEDA is continuously supporting the DesignEurope Awards by being an active part of the jury team. This year the jury team has three jury members who are/have been BEDA Presidents – current President Christina Melander and Past Presidents Isabelle Vérilhac and Päivi Tahkokalli.

Jury members are drawn from the fields of design, business and intellectual property rights. They are all recognised leaders in their respective areas of specialisation and bring a wealth of expertise gained throughout their professional careers.

Jury members:

Lorenzo Imbesi President, The Global Association of Art and Design Education and Research (Cumulus). Chairperson.
Agris Batalauskis Director, Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia
Ajda Bertok Designer and Co-founder, Remigo, winner in the “small and emerging companies” category of the DesignEuropa Awards 2023
Michal Bonikowski Industrial Designer, finalist in the “small and emerging companies” category of the DesignEuropa Awards 2021
António Campinos President, European Patent Office
Raffaella Mangiarotti Designer and Co-founder, Deepdesign, winner in the “industry” category of the DesignEuropa Awards 2023
Christina Melander President, Bureau of European Design Associations
Hiroshi Okutomi Head, Hague Legal Affairs Section, The Hague Registry, World Intellectual Property Organization
David Stone Global Head of Intellectual Property, Allen & Overy
Päivi Tahkokallio Founder, Tahkokallio Design+, Chairperson of DesignEuropa 2021 Jury (BEDA President 2020-2022)
Isabelle Vérilhac Founder, Design With Isabelle, Chairperson of DesignEuropa 2023 Jury (BEDA President 2022-2024)
Charlotte von der Lancken, Founder and Designer, CVDLAB

The 2024 awards will be held in Riga in collaboration with the Latvian IP office.

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Last updated: 27/03/24

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