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IF 2019

BEDA Insight Forum highlights new policy areas for design’s contribution to a successful Europe

Over 70 experts from 20 member states contribute to next generation design policy at the European level.

On Thursday 16 May at the ADAM Brussels Design Museum, Belgium, over 70 experts attended BEDA’s 50th Anniversary Insight Forum ‘Europe Future’.

Twelve groups worked on the themes of the EU’s renewed Industrial Policy Strategy

With presentations by national design organisations from eight Member States, experts benefited from valuable insights on current design programmes and plans for prospective activities to promote and support design at the national level in different countries.

The experts brought these insights to the design policy workshop based upon the key actions for a smart, innovative and sustainable industry as outlined in the European Commission’s renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy. In this way, the outputs of the Insight Forum will support BEDA’s on-going work in highlighting and activating design’s contribution to a successful Europe.

Commenting on the Insight Forum, BEDA President Päivi Tahkokallio says,

“The BEDA Insight Forum is an important platform for BEDA members and non-members alike. With access to design policy experts from across Europe, our focus has been design’s contribution to tackling the huge horizontal challenges facing Europe today. Our experts generated new policy directions for BEDA to integrate into its on-going development work on next generation design policy actions for Europe.”

Design policy workshop facilitator and BEDA Board Member Anna Whicher of PDR Cardiff Metropolitan University, says,

“This is the fourth BEDA Insight Forum that has targeted design in policy. At a time when the Commission is renewing its industrial policy, design’s contribution to a successful Europe is a central part of our work.

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‘Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry – A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy’ can be downloaded at International Centre for Design & Research (PDR) is online at were given by the following BEDA Members:
Karen Hennessy 
Design & Crafts Council of Ireland – Correcher 
Red Española de Asociaciones de Diseño – Filek
 Managing Director, designaustria –
Isabelle Vérilhac 
Cité du Design, St. Etienne –
Sian Whyte
 Head of Research & Insight, Design Council – Pierandrei
 Italian Association of Industrial Design – Stefanowksi Association of Industrial Designers in Poland – Gurjanova Estonian Association of Designers –*Christina Melander Programme Director, Danish Design Centre –
* Unable to attend due to Air Traffic Control strike
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Download BEDA Insight Forum 2019 Press Release hereMain image: Fabrizio Pierandrei. Italian Association of Industrial Design (ADI) presents to the Insight Forum.

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