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BEDA is Looking for a Project Officer for European Project.

We are seeking a suitable independent candidate to work on the implementation of a European project. As a Project Officer, you’ll play a pivotal role in coordinating BEDA’s participation in a funded project focused on enhancing the skills in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), to which BEDA is bringing the design skill dimension. Your responsibilities will span the day-to-day project coordination and the dissemination of project outcomes to relevant stakeholders within the European creative industry, as well as jointly with BEDA Board Members and Experts: strategic development of the CCIs Large Scale Partnership, development of engagement model and action plan to start onboarding of new members, policy recommendation development.

Key Responsibilities

As a Project Officer, you’ll be responsible for the seamless execution and coordination of project activities. Your primary focus will be to ensure efficient project operations, effective communication among team members, and timely delivery of project milestones.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Support for LSP Coordination and Facilitation: Together with BEDA Experts Coordinate activities, facilitate collaboration, and provide support to ensure the success of the Large Skill Partnership (LSP).
  • Strategic Development of LSP: Drive the strategic evolution and growth of the LSP together with BEDA Experts.
  • Horizontal Integration of Partners: Enhance the partnership horizontally by integrating existing and new partners, fostering collaboration across industries within the European design ecosystem.
  • Development of Forward-Looking Plans: Jointly develop forward-looking plans that align with the goals and objectives of the LSP and the overall project.
  • Communication and Exploitation Strategy: Develop comprehensive strategies for communication, exploitation of project outcomes, and the creation of policies based on project results.
  • Disseminating Strategy and Involvement of New Members: Design and implement strategies to disseminate project outcomes and engage new stakeholders within the European creative industry.
  • European Creative Skills Week and Visual Identity/Communication: Contribute to the planning and execution of the European Creative Skills Week, focusing on developing its visual identity and communication strategies.
  • BEDA network development: Contribute to the development of new activities for BEDA members in light of project implementation and occasionally perform other duties that can be reasonably assigned, which are not included above, but which will be consistent with the role.

Candidate profile

Experience: Proven experience in project coordination, particularly in partnership development, policy recommendation, and dissemination strategies within the creative industry.

Strategic Thinker: Ability to think strategically and develop plans to foster horizontal integration among partners, leveraging the lean start-up approach.

Communication Skills: Strong communication skills to effectively disseminate project outcomes and engage stakeholders using a variety of channels.

Policy Development: Understanding of policy development processes and the ability to work with experts to create actionable recommendations based on project results.

Collaboration: Proven track record of fostering collaboration among diverse partners and stakeholders.

Innovation and Adaptability: Comfortable with innovation and adaptable to changes, ensuring project success in a dynamic environment.

Educational Background: A relevant degree in design, project management, or a related field.

Business Arrangement

The role is remote on a freelance basis. Travelling to certain meetings in various European locations will be required. Travel expenses will be covered by BEDA. You will utilise your own equipment to BEDA’s Cloud Services (there is currently no BEDA computer). When required you have the right to substitution at your own expense.

Time commitment: 200 days (8h) between 1st Jan 2024 and 31st Dec 2025

The time you require per month may vary depending on the outlined tasks. It is under your discretion at what time and on which days of the week you complete your tasks, however, it needs to comply with fulfilling the given deadlines.

Remuneration: Freelance consultant day rate €350 (based on 8h per day)

Your invoices need to be issued and paid in Euro.

Why Join BEDA

You’ll be at the forefront of shaping the European design landscape, contributing to innovative strategies that drive the industry’s growth. This role offers a unique opportunity to work with diverse partners, influence policy development, and leave a lasting impact on the creative ecosystem in Europe.

If you’re ready to take on a challenging yet rewarding role that influences the future of European design, we’d love to hear from you. Apply now and be part of shaping the future of design in Europe!

To apply please send your CV to

Application Deadline: 22 December 2023

Last updated: 02/01/24

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