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BEDA Participates in Designscapes Policy Forum, Valencia

As a part of the designscapes policy forum held in Valencia on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th March 2020, three separate contributions were invited from BEDA.

On the first day, Päivi Tahkokallio spoke about the context and need for next generation design policy alongside contributions (by letter) from David Kusuma, President Elect of the World Design Organisation and a policy frameworks presentation by BEDA’s own Anna Whicher moderated by the University of Valencia’s Pau Rausell.

On day two, Michael Thomson, BEDA’s consulting MD, took part in a video-conferenced panel on ‘Design in motion: how design capitals foster innovation capability and social transition’. Other panellists included Päivi Hietanen and Anu Mänttäri of City of Helsinki (speaking about legacy of Helsinki World Design Capital 2014) and Adele Berault of Lille Metropole World Design Capital 2020. In addition to the audience in the conference venue, a dispersed audience was listening in online, including the morning’s previous keynote speaker, Gianluca Misuraca, Senior Scientist at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Seville, where, since 2009, he has been leading research in the area of Digital Governance and Social Innovation.

The conference was organised by Econcult of the University of Valencia and the Valencia Capital Association of Disseny, with the support of Centro Cultural La Nau of University of Valencia, La Ciutat de les Artes i les Ciencies, and the municipal government from Valencia.

Further information, including conference report, videos and powerpoint presentations, will be available in the following weeks at the project website:

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