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BEDA Survey 2023

Our key strength is you – design communities across Europe!

As a membership organisation, BEDA provides a platform to amplify and represent your voice. We advocate for design to be applied to its fullest potential and for the creation of conditions where the design profession can thrive. And we are pretty good at it! Design is currently recognised as a tool for user-centred innovation across disciplines and is supported on multiple levels. But our mission to make Europe more sustainable, collaborative, prosperous and beautiful through design continues!

In this year’s survey, we seek your views to help us shape priority areas for our Design Policy work for 2024-2025. That is – what do you see as the main areas to address and what message do you want us to convey to the European institutions and present on high-level forums to best support European design?

We started collecting a range of views at the BEDA Design Forum in St. Etienne and Kaunas last year, but with this survey, we are hoping to show the strength in numbers and collect as many responses as possible, so please share it among your members and with your networks. The results are going to be discussed during the BEDA Design Forum in Copenhagen on 8 June 2023.

Fill Out the Survey Here:
Deadline: 12 May 2023

The survey is open to everyone. We definitely encourage our members to fill it out as your opinion matters. In addition, we would also love to hear the opinions of people who are active in the design sector but are not our members.

Last updated: 16/05/23

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