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SACCORD kick-off meeting in Matera, Italy 30.01.2024

BEDA Takes Part in SACCORD Project to Support Re- and Upskilling Initiatives at the Local Level

BEDA is part of a new project – SACCORD, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. This project is led by European Creative Business Network (ECBN) and includes 8 partners.

The aim of SACCORD is twofold:

  1. to support the Large Scale Partnership (LSP) for Creative Skills
  2. to foster the creation of Local Ecosystem Partnerships (LEPs).

These LEPs will form local partnerships to coordinate re- and upskilling initiatives at the local level, while also supporting the European Skills Agenda with its Pact for Skills. Additionally, SACCORD aims to collect skills data and investigate the implementation of micro-credentials into the CCI ecosystem. Furthermore, SACCORD will host the Creative Skills Week for 2024 and 2025.

BEDA will especially support the LSP to grow by integrating existing partners and onboarding new ones. This LSP will be stronger if all the creative fields are represented and engaged in the activities. Moreover, cross-sector collaborations and connections with other LSPs will be investigated (for textile, health). Then, going to the national and regional scales, BEDA members could contribute with best practices and collection of data, and benefit from the huge visibility of the initiative and possibly find new partners and funding dedicated to skills. This project puts BEDA and our members at the centre of developing and influencing the future skills agenda in Europe.

After developing the forward-looking action plan to engage new partners, these results will be put into practice by organising the onboarding of the new members, new sectoral organisations and networks.

BEDA will also lead a policy action plan to develop policy recommendations out on the project findings.

The project kick-off is currently this week (30-31 Jan 2024) in Matera (Italy), hosted by Materahub, who is one of the partners. The project will last 2 years.

The SACCORD combines SKILLS and ACCORDANCE by collecting skills intelligence and data to support the European Skills Agenda and to facilitate collaboration and joining up of partners at the European and regional level in supporting the LSP on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). The Creative LSP has existed since 2022 (co-led by BEDA, ECBN and Creative Skills Europe) and already includes 124 partners from different fields of the CCIs.

Last updated: 30/01/24

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