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BEDA welcomes collaboration around new European Bauhaus 

BEDA welcomes European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s announcement in last week’s State of the Union Address of a new European Bauhaus as part of the new environmental, economic and cultural project to kickstart a European renovation wave.

BEDA recognises the Commission’s continued belief in design as a key strategy for the emergence and development of NextGenerationEU, within the context of the fight against climate change and Europe’s leadership in the Circular Economy.

BEDA President Päivi Tahkokallio says,
“BEDA welcomes the Commission’s focus on co-creation and collaboration across the disciplines of architecture, art, design and engineering. We also acknowledge their recognition of the broad cultural dimension of the European Green Deal.”

BEDA believes the creation of a new European Bauhaus, one hundred and one years after the establishment of the original Bauhaus in Germany in 1919 – then, as now, a time of turbulence and renewal – will inspire new thinking and new actions in the face of global challenges.

The establishment at the European level of “a co-creation space where architects, artists, students, engineers, designers work together” falls in line with BEDA’s Next Generation Design Policy for Europe.

BEDA President Päivi Tahkokallio continues,
“We have always believed that design has the power to address the global challenges of our times including the reduction of environmental impact. Connecting and integrating the design disciplines within a new European Bauhaus will inspire the new approaches needed to shape sustainably the world we want to live in.”

BEDA’s 47 association members across 25 countries in Europe, stand open and available to actively support the Commission in taking this action forward. As BEDA, we are calling out to organisations in other disciplines to come and join us in taking this opportunity forward.

For further information please contact:

Päivi Tahkokallio
BEDA President

Michael Thomson
BEDA Managing Director

Commission President’s State of the Union Address 2020:

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