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Me You Nous

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2019

11th edition – Me You Nous – Designing common ground

What is design today? A table, a train, a cobot? “A community”, replied the main curator of the 2019 Biennale, Lisa White. The key objective of the 11th Biennale is to uncovering the objects, expressions, systems and points of view that are changing our world – and finding ways to allow them to coexist and collaborate.

This edition features China in a major exhibition, curated and set design by Fan Zhe, a Chinese artist. Well determined to break down preconceived ideas, Fan Zhe proposes a panorama of Chinese design, present and future, integrating the major societal issues into his thinking.

When: 21 March – 22 April 2019

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