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Call for 70 CrAFt Cities

CrAFt – Creating Actionable Futures is an EU-funded coordination and support action for New European Bauhaus transformations towards climate-neutral, beautiful and inclusive cities.

CrAFt project will place the transition to climate neutrality at the heart of urban stakeholders. Running until 2025, it supports the implementation of the
Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, the
NetZeroCities platform and New European Bauhaus based on knowledge from CrAFt’s 3 Sandbox Cities (Bologna, Prague, and Amsterdam) and 70 Reference Cities.
More information about the project.

Call for 70 CrAFt Cities

The project is looking for cities that want to
test and share models of transformation with them, receive implementation
support and become
role models for cities across Europe. The CrAFt city cohort will include a geographically balanced mixture of cities selected from among the mission cities, cities that applied under the mission, cities involved in NEB demonstrator projects and other NEB initiatives, and additional cities of high interest. They particularly encourage
small and medium-sized cities (different min. size requirements apply for different countries – please check
Annex to the call for details) to

In the context of this call, the term “city” is used to refer to a geographical subnational jurisdiction (“local administrative unit”) such as a town or a city that is governed by a local government as the legal entity of public administration.

The deadline for proposals is
9 September 2022. For
further details about support for CrAFt cities, what is expected from participating cities and the application process, please refer to the
call’s invitation letter.

Please consider forwarding the call to your local authority and partner city(ies) you have contact with. Participating cities are expected to collaborate with groups of stakeholders, depending on what they will plan to focus on. This can also be an opportunity to develop initiatives, actions or projects with your local authority.

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