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Design LAB Curated by Rossana Orlandi Programme Concludes with Remarkable Collaborations

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) is thrilled to share the exciting news that the design LAB curated by Rossana Orlandi programme has reached its culmination at the end of January, showcasing an array of innovative products resulting from collaborations between manufacturer and designer duos. Rossana Orlandi, one of the most outstanding figures of international design, served as the programme’s curator, guiding and mentoring the pairs through the entire development process.

Organised by the HFDA for the fourth time, the programme placed a special emphasis on creating products that not only showcase cutting-edge design but also reflect the cultural heritage of Hungary. In line with this vision, the concepts developed by the participating pairs beautifully integrate innovative techniques with a celebration of traditional values. The result is an exciting harmony that highlights the rich Hungarian cultural heritage embedded in each product.

Five projects were developed by the manufacturer-designer collaborations within the program:

Átló project by Barlang Műhely Kft. and Studio Komok – Norbert Juhász: a characteristic furniture with different worlds of forms based on the point of view emerging from playful geometric experimentation.

Bloomaire project by Lumoconcept Kft. and Co & Co Designcommunication – Diána Alchhabi: the kinetic movement chandelier elegantly combines art, nature, and technology to create a new spatial dimension of light.

Szelíd Kövek (Silent Stones) by Multifelt Factory Kft. and Judit Pócs: the furniture and design panels are inspired by stones shaped by the sea, which can contribute to an intimate yet modern atmosphere mainly in office spaces, waiting rooms, and community spaces.

Pontum project by Nezozen Kft. and Sára Kele: the solid wood furniture collection was inspired by Budapest’s bridges: translating the power of bridges into the language of objects, often with specific references in their shapes.

Hungarian mythical creatures by Zakar Clayart Design Kft. and Dóra Abodi: the duo created a collection including interior design solutions with its main characters inspired by myths and folk tales.

The completed products will soon be unveiled to an international audience. For further details, kindly stay updated by following HFDA’s official website.

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