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design LAB incubation program

Innovative design products in the spirit of sustainability

The first design LAB incubation program launched by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency has ended in the Spring of 2020. Within its framework, seven manufacturer-designer collaborators received support to create their dream products. This six-month-long production process resulted in over 40 innovative and sustainable creations that are ready for serial production which includes a porcelain glazed lamp collection, a line of office furniture products for the sake of comfort, a chair developed to ergonomic perfection and even an intelligent doghouse that has the potential to fill gaps in domestic and international markets.

Strengthening the Hungarian creative industry
The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency teamed up with the French design institute VIA (Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement) to set foot on the road to product development and the design LAB incubation program was born. Considering the feedback from the sector the program was launched with the main goal of promoting successful collaborations between actors in the design sector and to strengthen and modernise Hungarian manufacturing.

Leave an impact!
The essential aim of the program is to positively influence production development and as a result, to increase the competitiveness of the industry and to stimulate the export activities of the sector. The project implementation was preceded by a roundtable discussion between a jury of industry experts which revealed the high demand for project-based collaborations in which the professionalism of manufacturers and the creativity of designers are embodied in the form of competitive products. The six-month long development process was monitored by the HFDA through factory visits and at the end of the program each pair presented pieces of their completed collection.

The synergic minds
As a result of the collaboration between Árkossy Bútor Kft. and Máté Horváth, the LOOP Furniture Family was born, which consists of 12 innovative products with a unique design and differentiated functions. In the name of sustainability, designer Máté Horváth paired up with another manufacturer, Varkoly Fiai Kft. to create the MATCH modular sofa family which is made of PET bottles and production-generated foam waste. Micro-Licht Lighting Studio collaborated with Miklós Leits and the Hommage lamp family was created. Rotte Kft. and designer Sára Kele worked on the development of the Tangens Office Home office furniture family and as a result of their cooperation 15 different, modularly assembled, airy office furniture was created.

Balaton Bútor Kft., in cooperation with Dániel Lakos created the TILES chair which was inspired by flat surfaces and polygon forms. The starting point of the BERRI lamp family, designed by POSITION Collective and implemented by Úri Lux Kft., was to develop their portfolio, and their inspiration was sourced from the snowberry plant. And finally, Tilia 2002 Bt. and István Ullman created the doghouse called Pet Flat which is not only aesthetic and self-sufficient but also innovative and technologically advanced.

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