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Deutscher Designtag joins forces with leading industry associations to form »Koalition Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft in Deutschland (k3d)«

The Deutscher Designtag has joined forces with leading private-sector interest groups from the book, fashion, journalism, music, games, TV, radio and film sectors to form an open alliance. The aim is to make the German Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) more visible and to establish »Koalition Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft in Deutschland (k3d)« as a point of contact for policymakers. The k3d represents one of the most powerful economic sectors in Germany with a gross value added of 106 billion euros in 2019. The CCIs in Germany contributes 3.1 percent to the overall economic output as the third-largest economic sector in the country after the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

Like the CCIs as a whole, design stands for creativity, innovation, productivity and economic growth like hardly any other industries. In addition, CCIs nudges and shapes this process of many other sectors of the economy. Together, the initiators of k3d want to communicate this economic and social relevance more strongly to the outside world. To this end, k3d will develop and represent overarching positions, statements and demands on cultural, media and economic policy issues. k3d advocates a central point of contact in the new federal government with binding responsibility for all matters concerning the CCIs. Shaping democratic processes and change, digitalization and sustainability in all their dimensions is a matter of course for the industry. The various sectors of the economy are very closely interlinked in this regard and draw on the great potential of interdisciplinarity. The CCI in its entirety is of outstanding importance for democracy, social cohesion and the diversity of our country, as well as for the various value chains.

The demands, which k3d represents towards politics, which associations have joined the coalition besides the Deutscher Designtag, as well as further information, you can read on the website of this new alliance:

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